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Информационни системи AggreGate® от Tibbo Информационни системи AggreGate® от Tibbo

While the generic and open-ended nature of AggreGate is often an advantage, sometimes you need a solution tailored for a specific vertical market. For such cases, we offer different products based on the AggreGate IoT Platform.

Структура на информационни системи Aggregate® от Tibbo

IoT Integration Platform

AggreGate IoT Integration Platform enables acquisition, storage, processing, and visualization of the M2M device data, as well as integration of this data into the enterprise. In contrast to other solutions providing the underlying infrastructure and SDKs for vertical application development, AggreGate ensures the end-to-end coverage by offering visual development tools for designing end-user UIs and server-side processing chains.
The vendor-agnostic Platform includes hundreds of device drivers enabling the connection of any industrial or consumer IoT device, while all communications are optimized for unreliable low-bandwidth cellular and satellite communications.

Network Manager

AggreGate Network Manager is an enterprise IT infrastructure management and monitoring system. It is designed for monitoring the network traffic and performance, bandwidth usage, routers and servers, applications and services, network-enabled sensors, printer monitoring, data center management, etc.
Monitoring is performed using standard protocols, such as SNMP or WMI. AggreGate Network Manager has an outstanding support for non-standard network equipment and integration with other building/facility management systems.

Data Center Supervisor

AggreGate Data Center Supervisor is a single umbrella system for supervising both industrial and IT equipment of your data center. It offers the dynamic floor plans, custom dashboards, integration with DCIM, and more.
The Data Center Supervisor joins all features available in AggreGate Network Manager and AggreGate SCADA/HMI, making it a product with the broadest coverage for IT, telecom, data center, and industrial control technologies and protocols.


AggreGate SCADA/HMI is a new-gen SCADA system for industrial and building automation, process control, telemetry, and designing custom Human-Machine Interfaces.
The bundled drivers for most industry-standard protocols, such as Modbus and OPC, allow to connect and communicate with controllers and devices from thousands of different manufacturers.

Building Automation

AggreGate Building Automation is a solution for creating a "smart" building. Use the AggreGate's intelligent features, such as automated responses to certain alert conditions, to make your building smarter and greener than ever.
Control the HVAC levels and time of operation, electric window shades, water heating facilities, outside lighting, and any other aspect of your building using the AggreGate's intuitive widgets. Get a clear overview of your building at a glance with the AggreGate's dashboard and produce the detailed energy consumption reports.

Time and Attendance

AggreGate Time and Attendance is a corporate employees' time and attendance management solution. It collects data from different types of time recorders and provides the organization structure management, support for custom shifts, real-time event logging, and integration with the payroll systems.
AggreGate Time and Attendance solution includes a rich set of customizable out-of-the-box attendance reports adoptable for different country standards.

Access Control

AggreGate Access Control is a comprehensive system for controlling the physical access within an office building or a campus. It features the natural cardholder hierarchy, flexible time zones and access policies, anti-passback, guard tours, area presence, and more.
AggreGate Access Control can intercommunicate with the access control panels, turnstiles, elevator controllers, electric door buzzers, pressure sensors, and other types of equipment. The AggreGate's inherent event management abilities provide the detailed audit trail of all security events.

Meter Reading

AggreGate Meter Reading collects the readings from water, gas, heat, and electric meters. Playing the role of a Meter Data Management (MDM) software, it stores the meterings in a central database and shares them for billing, troubleshooting and reporting.
The system communicates with meters via diverse communication protocols (Modbus, Meter-Bus, DLMS/COSEM, OPC, SNMP, etc.). It perfectly understands the M2M meters connecting to the server via incoming cellular links. The AggreGate's data processing and visualization tools allow setting up a highly tailored metering value analysis process.

Fleet Manager

AggreGate Fleet Manager is a vehicle management system designed for controlling a fleet of cars, trucks, vessels, forklifts, or other vehicles. It provides an outstanding coverage for tracking the asset location as well as centralized collection, storage, processing, and visualization of diverse telemetry data.
The Fleet Manager supports many GPS/GLONASS trackers out-of-the-box while the support for new tracker types can be added without programming by configuring the communication settings and command parsing rules. A flexible fleet mapping UI designer helps to combine GIS-neutral maps with the custom device control toolbars.